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JobsNOW! JobsNOW! for Job Seekers

JobsNOW! helps income-qualified San Franciscans find jobs, regardless of work experience. We also provide free employment services that make it easier to search, apply, and prepare for a new job. 

We’ve recently expanded the JobsNOW! program to help get more people back to work by providing access to hundreds of employers and job opportunities. We’ll help match you with the right position—or give you a program voucher that allows you to find your own. Either way, we’ll help you stand out from other applicants with help from the City to pay employers for up to 100% of your wages.

You are eligible for JobsNOW! if you are:

  • A San Francisco resident
  • Authorized to work in the U.S.
  • Without work and your household meets income requirements. Income eligibility to participate varies by household size but is $38,280 per year for single adults and $78,600 for a family of four.
    An HSA benefit recipient of CalWORKs, CalFresh, Medi-Cal, cash assistance, or former foster youth

Please note: Unemployment Insurance benefits and economic stimulus pay do NOT count towards income requirements to participate and will not impact your JobsNOW! eligibility.

JobsNOW! also provides free, over-the-phone and web services that include:

  • Directing referrals to employers for part-time and full-time positions
  • Assisting with resumes, job applications, and interviewing skills
  • Education opportunities and career exploration
  • Assessing your job skills

Learn more and apply

Call JobsNOW! Hotline: (877) 562-1669 or email applyforjobsnow@sfgov.org. You can also submit an interest form

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