Disability + Aging Services Legal Assistance

County Veterans Service Office (CVSO)

CVSO helps you get the federal veteran's benefits you are entitled to.

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Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP)

HICAP helps residents maximize their Medicare health benefits.

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Legal Services

We provide counseling on rights, representation before courts, and drafting of legal documents for older adults and people with disabilities.

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Naturalization Services

This service help legal permanent residents of San Francisco who are aged 50+ or aged 18+ and with a disability.

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Safety in Care Facilities

Our Long-Term Care Ombudsman advocates for people in skilled nursing facilities, residential care facilities, and assisted living programs.

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Other Resources

We offer a number of other access and advocacy resources. For more information on these and other related resources, call the DAS Benefits and Resources Hub at (415) 355-6700.

  • Housing counseling and advocacy: Services aiming to improve the housing situation for older adults and adults with disabilities.
  • Home care advocacy: Efforts to promote a seamless and responsive home care system to best serve seniors and adults with disabilities.
  • Long-term care consumer rights: Information on the basic rights guaranteed in the various long-term care services in the City.
  • Senior and disability survival school: Training services for seniors and people with disabilities to effectively access vital community resources.