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Extra COVID-19 EBT food payments end in March 2023

COVID-19 extra EBT food money is ending because of changes in the U.S. federal government budget. In April, you will receive your regular CalFresh money as usual. But you will NOT receive the extra COVID-19 food money on your EBT card. March is the last month you will receive two payments on your EBT card.

How to keep getting CalFresh

  • CalFresh work rule: The CalFresh work rule has been waived until 10/31/2024.  Until then, CalFresh recipients will NOT be required to work in order to receive benefits. 
  • SAR 7 (Eligibility Status Report): Every six months, most CalFresh recipients must complete and submit a SAR 7 Form to report changes in income, household composition, and/or expenses. We’ll mail you the form before the due date. You can mail it back or submit it online at MyBenefitsCalWin. For more instructions view the video or call us at (415) 558-4700.
  • Annual recertification: Each year, most CalFresh recipients must renew eligibility on time in order to keep getting CalFresh without interruption. We will mail you a recertification Form CF 37 before the submission due date. Your caseworker may interview you by phone and help you complete the form. You can also recertify online at MyBenefitsCalWin. For more information call (415) 558-4700.
  • Transitional Nutrition Benefit for SSI households: Recertification has been waived until 11/2023. We will send you your next TNB Form 4 between 11/2023 and 10/2024, depending on your renewal month. Call us for more information at (415) 558-4700
  • Unemployment benefits: If you receive unemployment benefits, you may still qualify for CalFresh. Call us for details at (415) 558-4700.

Income changes

  • Income decreases: If your income has decreased or stopped due to job loss or greater expenses, you may be eligible for more CalFresh benefits. Call us for assistance at (415) 558-4700.
  • Income increases: If you have an IRT and your income went up, call us within 10 days to report the income change at (415) 558-4700.
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