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Keeping CalFresh

Learn how to make sure you keep your benefits active.

CalFresh Work Rules

Some CalFresh recipients in San Francisco are now required to meet federal work requirements. The rules apply to anyone receiving CalFresh between the ages of 18-49 that does not have a child living in the home.   LEARN MORE

In response to COVID-19: CalFresh ABAWD (Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents) work requirements have been waived until further notice. During this period, you will continue to receive your benefits without participating in work activities.

Regular Reporting

Semi-Annual Report (SAR 7) and Annual Recertification

Effective September 1, 2020: Recertification interviews are required after previously being waived due to COVID-19 from March to August. Interviews can still be conducted by phone and in person if requested until September 30. The recording of telephonic signatures will not be required through September 30, 2020, if certain criteria are met. Call (415) 558-4700 for more information.



Income Change Reporting

Between regular reports, households are required to report when their household income exceeds their Income Reporting Threshold (IRT) and will need to submit proof, such as a pay stub or award letter, within 10 days of the increase. Your worker will tell you what your specific IRT is. Contact our staff at (415) 558-4700 for assistance if your income has exceeded your IRT, or you may be required to pay back benefits that you were given in error.

Households may also report, during the certification period, any change that could increase benefits, such as a job loss or increased shelter expenses.

Account Maintenance

Create an online account through MyBenefitsCalWIN to easily update your contact information, complete reports, apply for benefits, check your EBT balance, and receive notices online. If you receive CalFresh and your mailing address or phone number has changed, please update your contact information through MyBenefitsCalWIN or call the CalFresh Service Center at (415) 558-4700.