Report Abuse

To report neglect or abuse, call Adult Protective Services (APS)

(415) 355-6700 (24 hours)
(800) 814-0009 (24 hours)

Reports that do not involve physical abuse or require immediate attention can also be made online at

Anyone can make a confidential or anonymous report if they suspect abuse or neglect of an older adult or a person with a disability. The 24-hour hotline is staffed by social workers who determine the appropriate response, which may include conducting an emergency home visit. Learn more about recognizing adult abuse.

What we do

HSA's Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS) prevents and mitigates abuse of older people and adults with disabilities in collaboration with community providers, City programs, and criminal justice agencies to:

  • Directly respond to reports of suspected abuse submitted to our Adult Protective Services program.
  • Fund engagement and training of community members and mandated reporters on reporting cases of suspected abuse.
  • Fund and participate in the Elder Abuse Forensic Center, a team of health, social services, legal, and criminal justice experts that helps resolve the most difficult abuse cases.
  • Work with local and state partners to identify new abuse schemes (like the one targeting Veterans benefits), increase public awareness, and support legislation and policies to address these issues.
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