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Our Story

HSA is the City and County of San Francisco's home for help with food, cash assistance, health insurance, job training, supportive care, and more.

Who We Are

The Departments of Human Services, Disability and Aging Services, and the Office of Early Care Education form one Agency charged with building well-being in our communities and ensuring that all San Franciscans can reach their full potential.

Our Agency delivers a safety net of services and public benefits that are designed to meet the unique needs of low-income individuals, children and families, older adults, and adults with disabilities. We offer cash assistance, food and nutritional support, health insurance, employment training, and child care. Specialized supportive care and protective services are available to children and seniors.

Mission + Vision

Our Mission: The Human Services Agency promotes well-being and economic security among individuals, families, and communities in San Francisco.

Agency Vision: San Francisco is a diverse community whose children, youth, families, adults, and older adults are safe, economically secure, and thriving.

Our Impact

Of the more than 800,000 people that call San Francisco home, more than one in four is at risk of not meeting their basic needs - like access to food, health insurance, or supportive care. We help more than 225,000 San Franciscans bridge this gap every year by connecting them with the services and resources they need.

And this is just the beginning of our impact. Every day, we help thousands of San Franciscans find and retain jobs, remain safe from abuse, build healthy families, stay supported late in life, and much more. Offering over 60 services provided by more than 2,200 employees and hundreds of dedicated community partners, we are committed to the health, safety, and success of all San Franciscans.

How We Work

We provide many of our services directly as an agency -- online, over the phone, in person at our 9 locations across the city or, in some cases, in people's homes. For other services, we work with community partners who provide neighborhood-based supports to clients in partnership with us.

We also serve as thought leaders, advocates, and innovators: assessing community needs, designing and testing new programs, lobbying for better state and federal policies. We are always striving to continually improve the quality of our services and the experiences of our diverse clients and staff. We steward funding from numerous federal, state, and local sources, and work closely with all levels of government to achieve our mission. 


Our Departments

Service Desk Conversation

Department of Human Services (DHS)

DHS offers services that promote health, nutrition, safety, financial security, and more.

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Senior Appointment at CVSO

Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS)

DAS provides programs that serve and protect seniors and adults with disabilities.

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Group of Smiling Kids

Office of Early Care and Education (OECE)

OECE helps ensure access to high-quality early care and education for all children.

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Executive Director Trent Rhorer

Trent Rhorer

Executive Director, Human Services Agency

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Shireen McSpadden

Shireen McSpadden

Executive Director, Disability and Aging Services

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Ingrid Mezquita, Director of OECE

Ingrid Mezquita

Director, Office of Early Care and Education

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Deputy Director Noelle Simmons

Noelle Simmons

Deputy Director, Economic Support and Self-Sufficiency

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Deputy Director Daniel Kaplan

Dan Kaplan

Deputy Director, Finance and Administration

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Deputy Director Susie Smith

Susie Smith

Deputy Director, Policy and Planning

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Joan Miller, Deputy Director, Family and Children’s Services

Joan Miller

Deputy Director, Family and Children’s Services

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Jill Nielsen

Jill Nielsen

Deputy Director of Programs, Department of Disability and Aging Services

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Cindy Kauffman

Cindy Kauffman

Deputy Director of Community Services, Department of Disability and Aging Services

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Chandra Johnson, Director of Communications

Chandra Johnson

Director of Communications, Human Services Agency

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