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Our Story San Francisco Human Services Agency

With you on life's journey

Who we are

SFHSA serves as the foundation for three City Departments, each with a unique role in supporting San Franciscans. Together we build well-being in our communities by offering programs that make children and adults feel connected, valued, and supported. From financial assistance to nutrition, health care coverage, employment, and protective services, our dedicated professionals are here to lend support for all in need.

Vision, mission, values

Our Vision: A San Francisco where everyone has the opportunity and support to achieve their full potential through all stages of life.

Our Mission: We are committed to delivering essential services that support and protect people, families, and communities. We partner with neighborhood organizations and advocate for public policies to improve well-being and economic opportunity for all San Franciscans.
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Our impact

Each year, SFHSA's 2,400-trained professionals connect more than 225,000 San Franciscans to 60+ essential services. We also fund strategic partnerships with hundreds of community-based providers who share our mission and help extend our reach into the community.

SFHSA provides many direct services online, over the phone, and in-person at our nine locations across the City and, in some cases, in people's homes. We continuously assess community needs, design and test new programs, and advocate for better state and federal policies for the people we serve. With an annual budget of more than $1 billion dollars, we deliver dozens of publicly funded programs and work closely with all levels of government to achieve our mission.

Our new visual identity

SFHSA has a new, vibrant brand and visual identity that reflect who we are, the values that drive our work, and how we connect to all communities in San Francisco.

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves

Our new brand story.


Our Departments

Department of Benefits and Family Support (BFS)

BFS offers services that promote health, nutrition, safety, financial security, and more.

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Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS)

DAS provides programs that serve and protect seniors and adults with disabilities.

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Child playing in a child care center

Early Care and Education (OECE)

OECE helps you find high-quality, free or affordable child care and education.

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HSA Leadership portraits

HSA Leadership

Meet the Agency leaders and learn more about their roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments.

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