The Dignity Fund

The Dignity Fund supports social services for older people, adults with disabilities, veterans, and caregivers. The Fund is administered by the San Francisco Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS) to ensure that people can live with dignity in their homes and communities, while remaining safe, independent, and engaged.

The Dignity Fund’s four-year planning and funding cycle begins with a Community Needs Assessment (CNA) to identify service gaps and unmet needs. Findings and recommendations from the CNA inform the Services and Allocation Plan (SAP) in the following year. The SAP outlines how DAS will use the Fund to address the community’s unmet needs over the next four years. The first Dignity Fund CNA was completed in 2018. The first SAP was completed in 2019, and guides funding decisions for the 2020-2023 funding cycle.

The 2022 Community Needs Assessment has been completed and is informing the development of the 2024-2027 funding cycle.

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