Bid Evaluation

Proposals received in response to the invitation to bid are evaluated using a standard process:

  1. Proposals are screened for compliance with minimum requirements as detailed in the RFP/RFQ/SOI and for completeness of documentation. Proposals may be rejected at this time for substantial omissions. Failure to meet the minimum requirements may not be appealed.
  2. As a part of the development of an RFP, OCM appoints a selection panel. The panel’s responsibility will be to evaluate and select the top-ranking proposal to be recommended to the Executive Director, who will make the final selection. The proposal selection panel consist individuals with experience in the services area, in program implementation, and program finances. Panels should have diverse membership. They are screened for conflict of interest. Proposals meeting minimum requirements are forwarded to the selection panel.
  3. Proposals are evaluated by the review panel based upon the evaluation criteria developed during the planning stage that was included in the RFP. Review panel members score each proposal and reason for each score.
  4. If needed, an oral interview of the bidders is conducted or a supplemental questionnaire is administered to obtain additional information from the bidders to be scored in addition to the written proposal submitted.
  5. Proposal scores are averaged and the highest average is identified. If applicable, LBE preference points are awarded.
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