Awarding of Contracts and Grants

  1. Following the evaluation of proposals and interviews conducted, the Contract Manager provides the ranking and results to management. Any one of the three highest-ranking candidates can be selected or all proposals may be rejected.
  2. Once the provider of the services has been selected, OCM prepares the Commission package and development of the contract can begin. Some of the activities that take place in the development of the contract may be concurrent, i.e. negotiate specifics of the contract. The successful bidder and the department will refine the proposed goals, objectives and budget, if needed. Also, this would be the opportunity to bring up any recommendations, from the RFP technical review panel, on changes that would improve upon the services being provided. The successful bidder is also informed of all the auxiliary documents (Insurance certificates, HRC 3, and 501C Letter or Business Tax License) that need to be completed to process the contract. A deadline is set for submission of these forms.
  3. A final recommendation of selection is made to the Human Service Commission or Disability and Aging Services Commission by requesting authorization to enter into a contract. Commissions meet monthly. The grantee/contractor is requested to be at the Commission meeting when the grant/contract is on the agenda to answer any questions. Past agendas and minutes are available on the website.
  4. Following the Commission’s approval, contract documents are processed through appropriate City departments and are certified.
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