IHSS Recipient Hire an IHSS Provider

Find an IHSS Provider

Start your search for an IHSS Provider by viewing the IHSS video (English | 中文 | Español) or flyer, then: 

  • Get referred to the Public Authority by IHSS for help with finding an IHSS Provider.
  • Tell the Public Authority counselor your preferences and care needs when they call.
  • Get a list of five recommended IHSS Providers from the counselor.
  • Interview them by phone to determine who is the best fit for you. You can call your IHSS Public Authority counselor with questions. 
  • Ensure the IHSS Provider meets the COVID-19 vaccine requirements issued by the California Department of Public Health.

Change IHSS Provider

If you are no longer working with your assigned IHSS Provider:

  • Call your IHSS Social Worker or the IHSS Independent Provider Assistance Center (IPAC) at (415)-557-6200 to update changes, including the last day of service by your IHSS Provider.
  • Ask IPAC for an Independent Provider Packet (IPP) to hire a new IHSS Provider. Or download it here: (English | Español | 中文 | русский | Filipino | Tiếng Việt)

More resources

Public Authority Mentorship Program offers guidance on hiring and managing your IHSS Provider.

Supervising Your Provider video (English | Español | 中文) and flyer offer tips on how to communicate effectively with your IHSS Provider, maintain privacy, and protect personal information.


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