IHSS Recipient Manage Your IHSS Account

Change of address

Change of address within San Francisco County: Give your new address to your IHSS social worker. No form is needed.

Change of address to another county in California:

  • Inform your IHSS social worker of your new address when you plan to move and when you complete the move.
  • Your social worker will then initiate an inter-county transfer. During this time, your IHSS status and IHSS Provider pay will continue.
  • The county you moved to will conduct a home visit to confirm the move and also to re-assess for services. 

Account management

Use the recipient portal to quickly look up:

  • Your social worker (you can also call (415) 355-6700)
  • The status of your case
  • The date of your next reassessment
  • Your authorized maximum hours per week 
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