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The services will focus on providing programming and social services for these populations in a supportive and gender-affirming environment.
HSA will be presenting its proposed budget to the public at upcoming commission and committee meetings. Join us to learn more.
Free tax assistance centers are now open to help San Franciscans maximize their refunds and apply for the San Francisco Working Families Credit (WFC).
"The rule is an abusive attack on our immigrant communities designed to make our most vulnerable residents choose between critical services or remaining in the U.S."
The plan will fund the 17 classes at risk of being cut due to the City College of San Francisco's efforts to address operating deficits. 
The nation's first publicly funded diaper bank expands to a nutrition safety net program, doubling the number of free diapers available to City babies.
With nearly 200,000 people evacuated as a result of the fire, San Francisco has opened a temporary disaster shelter to assist people who have been displaced.
The campaign helps build a more caring and prosperous community where everyone—no matter their age—is afforded equitable opportunities.
The funding will allow 2,500 educators to apply for a stipend of approximately $4,000 per calendar year for three years. 
Eligible San Franciscans can still visit 15 participating museums and cultural institutions for FREE before the program ends September 2. 

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