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The funding supports food security, housing access, workers, and small businesses.

Anyone who must work during the Stay Home Order is eligible for free testing, with or without symptoms.

The order loosens restrictions on some lower-risk activities.

The tracker will show the City's daily efforts to establish temporary emergency housing and shelter options for vulnerable populations.

The Fund has received approximately $10.5 million in contributions and pledges from foundations and individual donors, and is accepting additional donations.

The Essential Trip Card provides two to three round trips per month at 20% of the cost of a regular taxi fare.

Call Center will provide those who are COVID-19-positive or awaiting test results with food deliveries while they are in isolation or quarantine.

The program matches volunteers with older adults and others who need assistance getting groceries, medications, and other essential goods.

Moscone Center West will provide more social distancing space for those currently living in City shelters and Navigation Centers.

Those prioritized for testing include critical first responders, health workers, and people with a clinician referral.

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