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Community Partner Resources

The Community Food Coordination Group (CFCG) - December 2021

CFCG supports free food programs for San Franciscans who need supplementary food assistance, regardless of income and background. CFCG’s programs and grants to 30 community-based partners prioritize equity, dignity, community voice, and culturally appropriate food. 

Learn more about CFCG and how to become a CFCG partner in 2022. 

Reopening Community Programs: DAS Resources - July 2021

DAS/CASE Discussion on the Reopening of Community Programs:  Presentation | Video

JobsNOW! Toolkit - May 2021

SFHSA Benefits 101: Helping CBOs Connect People to Services - December 2020

Our partners are the organizations, companies, and government agencies we work with. This includes the community-based organizations and vendors who help us achieve our mission—and who we fund in many cases through contracts and grants—to provide our services to those in need.  

Learn more from our webinarSFHSA Benefits 101: Helping Community Providers Connect People to Services, December 2020