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CalWORKs Keeping CalWORKs

Regular Reporting

Semi-Annual Report (SAR 7) and Annual Recertification
You must submit a SAR 7 form every six months and have an Annual Recertification interview to report changes in your income or other circumstances.

Effective September 1, 2020: Recertification interviews are required after previously being waived due to COVID-19 from March to August. Interviews may still be conducted by phone and In-person by request until September 30.

The recording of telephonic signatures is also not required until September 30, 2020, if certain criteria are met. Call (415) 557-5100 or email CalWORKs@sfgov.org.


Work Participation Requirements

The CalWORKs program has many different activities that can be completed virtually or safely in-person in order to meet your work participation requirements. Your case manager will work with you to determine what activities safely fit your needs.