Use CalWORKs

CalWORKs provides temporary financial assistance, employment and educational services, and a variety of other supports to eligible families with (or expecting) children.  

  • Financial support for up to 60 months:  Use the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card to get cash at ATMs. Some ATMs do not charge a fee for EBT use (see ATM list).
  • One-time cash and non-cash assistance: Choose to get a one-time, lump-sum payment instead of on-going CalWORKs payments. You will still have access to other non-cash assistance, such as childcare. Note for immigrants: This aid option does not trigger public charge or require contacting a

  • Families Rising (FaR) CalWORKs Home Visiting Program: Focuses on parent education in early childhood development, and provides connections to resources to support overall family well-being. Learn more.
  • Child care: Free or subsidized child care services.
  • Free diapers: For children under age three. Learn more
  • Teen parenting program: Cal-Learn program supports positive parenting and school attendance for parenting or pregnant teens.

In most cases, all family members on CalWORKs who are 18 or older participate in the Welfare-to-Work employment services program. We will help you create an individualized plan that includes the training, education, or employment activities you choose. Even after you have found a job, you may still be able to receive supportive services, such as child care and transportation, to help you keep your job and advance in your career.

  • Employment services: Job placement, training, career counseling services, and more through the JobsNOW! program.
  • Education: Support for ESL, GED, and a high school diploma. For postsecondary education, visit the CalWORKs office at City College.
  • Supportive services: Money for uniforms, work tools, books and supplies, transportation, and other work and school supports.

  • Food assistance through CalFresh, California’s food stamp program
  • Health insurance through Medi-Cal, California's free or low-cost health insurance
  • Counseling for domestic violence, mental health needs, and substance use

  • Eviction prevention
  • Emergency shelter assistance 
  • Assistance for move-in costs to a new residence for families experiencing homelessness

For housing questions, call (833) 879-1365, or visit the 170 Otis Street Service Center. If get GalWORKs, contact your CalWORKs Case Manager.

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